Special 75% Off Launch Promo Through June 30th

Learn the Rifleman Secrets of Israel's Elite And Transform Your Shooting Skills

Don't just aim, conquer. Join us at Elite Marksman Academy.

Special 75% OFF Launch Promo Through June 30th

Learn the Rifleman Secrets of Israel's Elite And Transform Your Shooting Skills

Don't just aim, conquer. Join us at Elite Marksman Academy.



Why Choose This Course?

‚úĒ This is the only course in the world that is taught by the man who built the shooting school of the IDF

‚úĒ LTC Mikey Hartman is the only instructor in the world who has trained over 500k soldiers how to shoot

‚úĒ Learn specifics that no other course in the world teaches, that will¬†take your shooting abilities to the next level

Discover the IDF's Elite Shooting Techniques

Special 75% OFF Launch Promo.

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Meet Your Instructor LTC Mikey Hartman

Mikey's dream was always to be a sniper, and he would eventually become the top sniper in the IDF. As a master sergeant, he was sent to officer school and was given the responsibility to:

  • Build the shooting school of Israel
  • Write the Israeli doctrine on how to shoot a gun¬†
  • Train the commanders on how to train to shoot (train the trainers)
  • Establish the shooting instructor's course of the IDF which certified thousands over his 17 years at the helm

LTC Mikey Hartman had the honor of training over 500,000 Israeli soldiers and a few thousand US troops as well. He created this course to provide a systematic methodology for teaching rifle marksmanship to help make you a better, more knowledgeable shooter. 

When Mikey first joined the Israeli army, there was no uniform methodology for shooting; every unit was trained differently. In the 1990's and 2000's, every shot that was shot in the Israeli military came from the doctrine that Mikey wrote. For the last 30 years, Mikey is known in the IDF community by the name 'Agada,' which means 'Legend' in hebrew. 

For the last 8 years, Mikey was the CEO of CAA USA, the maker of the world famous MCK.

In this course, you will receive that very same training. If you implement what you learn, you will be a better shooter GUARANTEED.

From everyone at the Elite Marksman Academy, we’re so excited to work with you and have you part of our school.

(Mikey is also the first and only Israeli soldier to be featured on the cover of 'Soldier of Fortune' magazine!)

500k Soldiers Trained

22 Years Of Experience

10 Powerful Classes 

1 Unprecedented Price

Here's A Glimpse At What You Will Learn In The "Rifle Mastery" Course: 

Dive into the foundational principles of marksmanship with the "7 Laws of Shooting" module, an essential part of the Rifle Mastery course. This module is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the core concepts that every marksman must master to shoot with precision and consistency. 

The Relationship Between the Body and the Gun - Five Points of Contact - Aiming - Breathing - Zero Sum Mindset - Trigger Pull - Post Trigger Pull / Pre Target Check

Embark on a critical journey to precision with the "Zeroing Module" in the Rifle Mastery course. Zeroing is the process of calibrating your rifle to ensure that your point of aim aligns perfectly with the point of impact. This module is vital for any marksman, whether beginner or advanced, as it sets the foundation for accurate and consistent shooting.

Jump into the science of shooting with the "Ballistics" module in the Rifle Mastery course. This essential segment delves into the intricate world of ballistics, providing you with a deep understanding of the forces and factors that influence every shot you take. 

Ballistics Overview - Internal Ballistics - External Ballistics - Terminal Ballistics

In the "Shooting Positions" module of the Rifle Mastery course, you'll dive into the practical aspects of marksmanship, learning how to adapt and excel in various shooting stances. Mastering different positions is vital for versatility and accuracy in any shooting scenario.

Instinctive Standing - Supported Standing - Kneeling Position - Prone Position - Sitting Position

In the "Stoppages" module of the Rifle Mastery course, you'll tackle an essential aspect of marksmanship that every shooter must navigate‚ÄĒdealing with firearm malfunctions. This module is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve stoppages efficiently, ensuring your shooting remains uninterrupted and safe.

Stoppage #1 (Bolt Forward) - Stoppage #2 (Bolt Middle) - Stoppage #3 (Bolt Back)

In the "Night Shooting" module of the Rifle Mastery course, you'll explore the unique challenges and techniques of shooting in low-light conditions. Night shooting requires a distinct set of skills and knowledge, as visibility limitations and the behavior of light can significantly impact your shooting accuracy.

In the "Moving Targets" module of the Rifle Mastery course, you'll tackle one of the more dynamic and challenging aspects of shooting: accurately hitting targets in motion. This module is crucial for enhancing your adaptability and precision in real-world scenarios where targets are rarely stationary.

Ambush Technique - Tracking Technique

In the "Shooting Scenarios" module of the Rifle Mastery course, you'll receive the very same scenarios that IDF infantry uses in bootcamp, that is broken down by shooting position, range, target size, number of rounds, and required score.


That's Not All...

When you join our Rifle Mastery course, you'll get access to so many bonuses!

Experience an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your marksmanship through direct interaction with a legend in the field.

The Rifle Mastery course offers not just one, but two exclusive 90-minute Q&A Zoom sessions with LTC Mikey Hartman.

These sessions are a rare chance to gain insights and knowledge from a seasoned expert whose experience is sought after worldwide.

Exclusive Access: Typically, individuals spend thousands of dollars just for an opportunity to meet and learn from Mikey Hartman. Now, as part of the Rifle Mastery course, you get direct access to him in two comprehensive Q&A sessions.

Deep Dive Discussions: These aren't your average Q&A sessions. They're deep dives into the world of shooting, where Mikey will share insights and knowledge you won't find in any manual or classroom. Now retired, Mikey is ready to unpack a treasure trove of wisdom accumulated over years of frontline and training experience.

Personalized Attention: Have specific questions or challenges? Mikey is there to address them. This is your chance to seek advice, clarification, and expert opinions directly from Mikey Hartman himself. Every question is welcome, and every answer is aimed at helping you improve your skills.

This 130-page guide is brimming with comprehensive and user-friendly material, thoughtfully designed to complement and enhance your learning experience.


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Note: The Elite Marksman Academy prioritizes safety and promotes responsible firearm handling at all times.

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